Why Did I choose Data Science?

I’m Ronald, a Data Scientist married with a two-year-old son, going through a Bootcamp at General Assembly (GA) in the SF-Bay Area. Let me tell you a bit about myself and my journey.

Despite everything going on in the world, I feel grateful to be here, right now. I’ve been yearning for a supportive, diverse, and inclusive opportunity as the Data Science Immersive (DSI) program at General Assembly, which Adobe fully sponsored. I’m impressed with how the program helps individuals like me go from one level in my career to another.

About a year…

Building A Recommender System (For Books)

Meet Nandu

What would happen if you get Harry Potter as a result when looking for a book on investment/finance on Amazon? Terrible match, right?

You talk to your friend who suggests posting your question on the subreddit r/booksugestions. One problem here is that most people in the same position don’t get a relevant answer, have to wait for some time, or never get an answer at all.

We ask questions about products of our interest all the time, but do we always receive relevant answers? What would happen if, when typing your question, we get…

In the past two months, I’ve been going through a data science immersive program at General Assembly (GA) sponsored by Adobe. As I pause and reflect back, I realize how much I have learned within a very short period of time. I used various libraries in python extract, explore, preprocess, and model different kinds of data. And my favorite types of data to analyze are text data.

When we hear about data science we mostly hear about the end of its process in the pipeline, which includes data analyses, modeling, and their interpretations. Not so much about the beginning, which…

Ronald Asseko

Data Scientist | Econ

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